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The road is our curriculum: Travel is our Life

A brief history of our travels thus far. . .

Our first fifth wheel tiny home travel trailer camper road ranger vlog adventure

Over 7 years ago now we sold everything we owned and moved into a fifth wheel camper to homestead on our own stretch of land in the high desert of California. That was quit a learning experience. It was windy, being on a hillside. It was cold, being an uninsulated old camper. It was dry, being that it was desert and there was no water. Our children were very young and we decided that this was not the environment we wanted to raise them in.  So, we had to re think our strategy. A few years later we invested in an old 1930's cabin that needed a lot of restoration. The roof leaked, the decks were falling through, and the plumbing all had to be ripped out and replaced before we could have access to any sort of water supply. After 2 years and a lot of work, we flipped our investment to once again try our hand in homesteading. 

Full time travel family 23' toy hauler attitude eclipse family photo

We once again sold everything we owned and set of in a tiny trailer full of what was left of our belongings, ready to travel the country in search of our home.

We paid off all of our debt and purchased a 23' Toy Hauler figuring that when we found the land we wanted to settle down on that we would have the basic amenities to be able to survive the building process.

After a few months traveling, we found that the road was our home. Being that the case, we needed a new mode of transportation. Living in a 23' Toy Hauler was not very comfortable or practical. Although fully loaded with a generator, air conditioner, heater etc., we felt that we needed something else. . .

1999 36' Flat nose Blue Bird TC2000 5.9 Cummins School Bus Skoolie Conversion Family Photo

Fast forward to now. We are currently living in a 36' flat nose Bluebird school bus. We could not be happier! Although the conversion process is timely and it currently lacks many of the comforts that our previous tiny home provided, it is enjoyable none the less.

The first year on the road in our Toy Hauler was a steep learning curve. Now only a few months into living in our bus, the learning curve continues but the experience is so much more pleasurable.

This new transition marks the beginning of all the things we have accomplished and are currently pursuing and rolls them all into one big adventure.

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